Yum Cha in Bangkok

Fabulous shrimp and scallop dim sum at China Place

I am so craving for Hong Kong. Bad! But until we have a chance to go there again soon, I resort to my best bet on local dim sum delicacies at China Place restaurant on Rama 6 Road. This is the place I go whenever I want to bury my face in a Sunday paper and get myself engrossed in the tasty bites of my orders of these ‘touches of heart.’

A plate of deep-fried tofu rolls with shrimps

About five years ago, China Place opened its doors boasting an all-day dim sum menu in a lovely two-storey old house converted into a charming restaurant surrounded by beautiful trees. Along with their tasteful interior design and top-notch service, this restaurant also has their delightful dishes to match. Giving the fact that most of the best dim sum in Bangkok can only be located in five-star hotels, China Place stands out as a rare independent restaurant that always serves reliably good dim sums and arrays of Cantonese delights. A bite of dim sum here is always meaty, juicy, and crunchy because it is packed with good stuff such as minced fresh prawns, crab meats and sometimes pork when required.

Steamed BBQ pork buns

Our dim sum meal always includes a basket (or two) of these delicious BBQ pork buns. The light, cloudy and steaming hot bun is packed with the tasty BBQ pork stuffing inside. This is a perfect way to satiate my Cantonese craving!

Stir-fried Hokkien noodle with seafood

But China Place is not only about dim sum. Here is a hearty plate of stir-fried Hokkien noodle with seafood. Aromatic, addictive interspersed with crunchy bites of fresh veggies perfectly flash cooked in a wok, Chinese-style.

Fried rice with salted fish. Yummy.

Even in Hong Kong, one way to find out whether a restaurant is good is by trying their fried rice. In this case, China Place passes with flying colours with their rice perfectly fried and coated with the ingredients. Their tasty salted fish fried rice – a favorite of my life – is loose, each firm grain well and thoroughly stirred with finely chopped ingredients such as kale stems, fried salted fish, spring onion and most importantly the tidbits of the eggs. Even though fried rice in Hong Kong is usually excellent, I love it more when served Thai style with a bowl of chopped fresh chili, garlic nampla, wedges of limes, sprigs of spring onions and slices of fresh cucumber. This simple dish is so well-prepared to our taste that every time we come here, no matter how stuffed we were after baskets of dim sum and series of many other ‘side’ dishes, we need to end our meal sharing a plate of this zesty thing.  

Aromatic ‘drunken’ chicken

Oh, how could I forget their fabulous ‘drunken chicken’ that a bite of it brought me immediately back to my childhood when I tasted it for the very first time and got blown away by the strong dose of alcohol. I was so addicted to that tasty reference of this dish and never could go back to anything even slightly blander. China Place’s drunken chicken is firm and juicy and served chilled in chopped breast and thigh in a shallow bed of aromatic Chinese wine used to cook this dish. If you like, you can dab each small bite with the provided chili sauce, too.

Custard apple and aromatic coconut sherbets

There MUST be something sweet after such a big meal, and our choices are nothing less than these wonderful custard apple and aromatic coconut sherbets. The apple custard ice is filled with the fruit pulps while the coconut is sweetly aromatic with the young coconut ambrosia. They are simply lovely and even downright soothing when rolled in your tongue while slowly melting away.

China Place has a long menu of Cantonese dishes. Our favorites include so many stuff that takes, probably, three fourth of their entire menu. Their Pekking duck is wonderfully prepared and elaborately served with tender and thin flour leaves and sweet, aromatic dark sauce, among others. Their seafood, especially the snow fish baked in soy sauce, Cantonese style, and the stir-fried scallops with young pepper corns are among the dishes we never miss when coming with enough mouths to share. They also cater to group parties for members of 4 up.

Front of China Place on Rama 6, next to Wichaiyuth Hospital

China Place: Open daily, 11am-22pm. T: 02-619-7801-2. Parking available on site. Click HERE for map.


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