Mallika for Rice Porridge

Busy cooking station at Mallika Rice Porridge

This is the place that has just been recovered from the flood and we were there yesterday just when things have neatly resumed to normalcy. Joke Mallika (Mallika Rice Porridge) has been around for decades and written up by many food writers. The place is always packed especially during weekends.

Fried doughs of Pa Tong Go (or Iew Ja Guay) to accompany the porridge

The place serves porridge of the classic pork balls and eggs plus modern adaptations to Thai tastes such as pork ribs with Chinese herbs, shitake mushroom and ginkgo seeds with fish slices, shrimps and salted eggs. They also have the Hong Kong variation of pork balls and thousand-year egg which I didn’t feel like on my visit yesterday. Not that there’s anything wrong with the thousand-year eggs, but since we stocked our kitchen with loads of fresh and salted eggs during the flood scare, we had more than enough of all eggs.

Pork balls and fish slices

So we ordered something plain and light with a touch of classic. A bowl of pork balls, fish slices, ginkgo seeds, shitake mushroom and another bowl of pork balls and eggs. The porridge was silky and smooth and fragrant and totally well done. The brisk and busy ambience of the place even made me think for some seconds we were in Hong Kong. For us the porridge is flavoured just right, especially with bits of fried dough to accompany each bite with.

The classic pork balls and egg

Mallika sells only porridge in the morning, but they also have guay jab nam kon (rolled rice noodle with pork broth) during lunch hours Mon-Fri. I would go back there when I have a chance to try their special one lunch menu. Come early if you can for the queue is long (for take-away) and the small place is always very packed.

This is the place.

The easiest way to get to Mallika Rice Porridge is to take the MTR underground to ‘Phaholyothin’ station and exit number 5 and you’ll see the restaurant at the corner of Ladpraw Soi 1. It is open daily from 5am-11am. Lunch of guay jab begins at 11am-5pm. T: 089-504-8467.


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