My POCKY Diary

My 12-flavour-Pocky-Dom

Interesting how a Facebook conversation landed me this huge box of Pocky, amazingly in 12 different flavours, that a good old friend who lives in Japan decided she must mail them overseas to me. This is a result of our energetic conversation on how the recent flood took away the local Pocky facilities, how the Japanese imports made their way to replace the locally made, -at the similar prices – and how that move drove the Thai Pocky fans into shelf-emptying frenzy of the chocolate and the much more preferred strawberry flavour. Less than a week afterward, I got this beautiful brown box filled with Pocky on my doorstep.

Feeling my hands trembling while sliding a knife to cut the parcel string, I realized it was a long long time ago that I last received anything in parcel form and especially in the snail-mail form. This is so old-fashion way of sending love, sending your feeling. It is so charming. Directly from her hands to mine. And the 12 boxes of Pocky were immediately and carefully lined in my refrigerator, waiting to be savoured, one by one, at an appropriate time.

“Pocky was first sold in 1966, and consists of a biscuit stick coated with chocolate. It was named after the Japanese onomatopoetic word for the sound Pocky makes when bitten, pokkin (ポッキン).”

DATE – 9 February 2012
I finally succumbed to the first box: the Velvety Creamy Chocolate. Here is the look of its package. If you can read anything in Japanese, it should describe the special texture of the coated chocolate. I think this is a luxury version of the classic chocolate Pocky. With the thicker coat of chewier chocolate, but the biscuit sticks remain as classic as one can imagine.

This is what they look like in, say, the flesh.

DATE – 10 February 2012
You must know how crazy Thai Pocky fans are over the Japanese strawberry Pocky. Usually, most of us would prefer the chocolate flavour of the locally made, but when it comes to the imported Pocky, the strawberry flew out of the shelves far faster than the chocolate ones. So, here is the REAL real strawberry one from Japan.

This adorable box perfectly conveys how sweet and aromatic the biscuits can be. Here’s the inside look. See those tiny pink patterns? I wonder if this is what the import has that the Thai-made does not.? Patterns! They sure make the taste even better.

DATE – 10 February 2012
If you think the Japanese will go furthest as putting the tiny strawberry bits as the patterns on the strawberry Pocky sticks, I hope their ‘White Chocolate’ flavour below can revise your thoughts.

They could never do anything as simple as dipping the biscuit sticks into the white chocolate and call it so. They, instead, add extra aesthetic touch for one breaking these sticks with their front teeth with the careful twirl of milk chocolate – adding the interruptions of bitterness on the otherwise downright sweetness onto each and every stick of this Pocky.

You can never call this Pocky a male choice. With the delicate white lace parcels and lovely fat sticks of white and black braid? I don’t think so.

DATE – 11 February 2012
I call this a boy’s favorite. I mean, the box and taste just feel manly. It even feels robotic, futuristic, super super powerful with a big blast of BUTTER – hence the name ‘Super Butter’ Pretz – non-sweet crispy biscuit sticks usually a tad salty and plainly unstoppable. The trick to enjoy it is to lick the empty packs just to sweep up the very last bits of salt.

These are the macho-biscuits! Love it.

DATE – 15 February 2012
I took a few days off my Pocky obsession. Well, I was afraid I would run them out way way too fast. But then, after a break, I felt I deserved an indulgence, hence this.

This is my favorite so far. If you know how deeply I was into good coffee, you’d understand. These Pocky sticks were in strong dark deep coffee flavour and they balance perfectly the bright sweetness of the velvety chocolate. Ummm…


Many ‘luxury’ or special flavour Pocky come in annoyingly 3 small packets. The laced white chocolate ones above even came in just 3 fat sticks a packet, making a total of 9 sticks per box! That’s crazy and a major cause of malnutrition in my world. These coffee-chocolate flavour, thankfully, come in full 4 packets inside, each containing a decent amount of 6 sticks. And that I consent.

DATE –  17 February 2012 
With my fridge slowly less crowded with boxes of Pocky, I realized that life is really too short and that whatever I have to eat, I’d better eat them prior to their expiration dates. Well, after all, the fridge’s vegetable drawer is supposed to be filled with fresh fruits and green stuff, right? So, I decided to clear some more space for those by picking out this…

Super rich green tea white chocolate Pocky. See, I am totally in another world of Pocky appreciation. From my humble background of chocolate-or-strawberry-or-plain-Pretz here in Thailand, I am spoiled rotten with all these choices Japanese people have in their daily basis. I imagine these Pocky variations must be so easily available in every 24-hour mini-corner stores where they can dive in for a new flavour everyday. Just like that. IMAGINE!

There are 4 packets in this box, each has 3 chubby chocolate-flavoured sticks coated with white chocolate underneath and top-coated with green tea. How thoughtful. They are, I need to say, ultra sweet. They can easily drive blood sugar level to the top scary notch for those needing to watch out for that variant on a daily basis.

Well – There are still 6 flavours to go on with in my fridge. And I will blog about them at due time. ^^

See you soon.

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