Teochew-style Dumplings

Teochew-style pork dumplings of minced pork, bamboo shoots and Shitake mushroom. Oil-toasted garlic and cilantro add to the tasty combination as well as the accompanying vinegar sauce.

This is no Hong Kong’s fancy dim sum, but Teochew-style minced pork dumplings are equally loved and savoured thanks to its unique taste that conjures back the memories of Bangkok in the old days. More than a hundred years ago when Thailand began trading with the West and Chinese immigrants played crucial roles in the local commerce, Teochew Chinese were the largest group of Chinese living here hence their food most commonly consumed. From those first Teochew-style restaurants erected in the China Town of Bangkok, many still exist and cook home recipes for the generations to come.


2 thoughts on “Teochew-style Dumplings

  1. Kwong Meng restaurant near Montien Hotel in Bangkok makes these heavenly wontons. The delicate and silky wrappings are also homemade.

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