Bangkok’s Rare and Refreshing Sight

Bangkok’s Suan Lum on Rama 4 Road

This is such a great, rare and refreshing view of Bangkok. When I walked into ‘the box’ room on Sofitel So’ 9th floor yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t see a thing because the room was all curtained up. The Bangkok heat was unbearable as always and that’s understandable. But just a little while later, they lifted up the curtain, unveiling this great rare sight of Bangkok with lots and lots of trees. It was so gorgeous and when I saw it the first time turning away from the meeting round to answer a phone, it so distracted me that I paused on tracks of the conversation.

Suan Lum is Bangkok’s first public park. It was built on the royal plot of land, once known as ‘Tung Saladaeng,’ given to the public by King Rama VI in 1925 as he wanted the place to hold the country’s first fair to boost people’s spirits and sluggish economy after the World War I. The name Lumpini came from the birthplace of the Buddha. Suan Lum is free to everyone and still be the place to organize myriad of social activities, including the political ones.

ประวัติสวนลุมพินีภาษาไทย มีที่นี่ค่ะ


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