Iced Rice

Assorted savouries that accompany Khao Chae

I think Khao Chae (Thai traditional summer treat of iced rice and assorted savouries) is an acquired taste. I shunned it when I was little, but now I searched for the best in town. IMHO, the one pictured above at Klang Soi restaurant in Sukhumvit 49 is my favorite. The meal includes the iced rice served with a set of staple savouries that include stuffed sweet green pepper (the one with the egg rolled blanket), seasoned shrimp paste balls, shredded dried and spiced beef, fried sweet pickled turnip with egg, fresh lesser ginger (krachai), fresh sweet and crunchy mango (mamuang khiew savoey), and spring onion – all elaborately prepared as you can see in the picture. Most other places also have the required stuffed shallots, but this place doesn’t.

Al dente rice at Klang Soi makes a ravishing Khao Chae

The rice is equally important. Most restaurants just serve plain steamed rice with chilled jasmine-infused fragrant water and ice cubes. But here at Klang Soi, their rice is exquisitely prepared with rice steamed to just al dente and gently rubbed to rid the excess flour and what only remains is the crunchy part. This rice makes a much more flavoursome set of khao chae, really.

Klang Soi restaurant , next to Samitivej Hospital in Sukhumvit 49, serves Khao Chae until end of May. Call to check at 02-391-4988.


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