Ho Sek in Bangkok

Clockwise – my all-time favorites of shredded pork & preserved egg congee, baked calamari with the 3-cup (of sauces and wine), ja leong and roast everything with the house’s specialty of roast goose.

It’s so true that everything has its time. Even delicious things – such as Hong Kong dishes that can only be eaten in Hong Kong. For now that even though Hong Kong can still be a fun place to visit (although being more of a hassle these days due to too many tourists), we can still be happy eating Hong Kong delicious staples right here in Bangkok because some restaurants put in extra efforts in replicating scrumptious Hong Kong favorites most of us occasionally crave for.

Steamed flounder fillets on tofu bed with pickled black bean and kale

For me, Hong Kong is not always about expensive, hard-to-find seafood items cooked right out of the aquariums, but more about simple and comforting bowls of congee and wonton noodles. I just cannot get enough of their steaming hot shredded pork and preserved egg congee, a plate of crispy and silky ja loeng (freshly-steamed rice noodle rolls of crispy dough) and a plate of steamed kale whenever I was in Hong Kong. Good news is that now I can eat those things whenever I want right here in Bangkok at this restaurant called Hong Kong Kitchen at Rain Hill community mall on Sukhumvit 47 where they serve those delicious items and much more.

A scrumptious staple of stir-fried rice noodle with beef

Run by a team of Hong Kong and Thai natives, Hong Kong Kitchen proves that delicious Hong Kong dishes can be seriously prepared in Thailand. And this is such a good news for many of us who was haunted by the word ‘Hong Kong-style’ plastered in almost every Chinese restaurant in town and knew that it was a pure hoax.

Anyway, having been around much less than many Chinese establishments in Bangkok, Hong Kong Kitchen is a breath of fresh air in the local Chinese eats. Their menu is simple and consists of Hong Kong favorites, from various servings of congee from the aforementioned choice to pork liver, pork tripe, pork meat balls, beef, fish and prawns (Bt125-225++/bowl) to be served with fritter (Bt50++) or their steamed noodle rolls of plain, pork BBQ, beef, shrimp, or pork liver (Bt80-180++). Or you can opt for their homemade wontons and egg noodles in soup or with soup on the side with stewed anise beef, pig’s trotters, fresh shrimp or vegetables and shitake mushroom (Bt135-230++).

Braised cabbage with abalonus mushroom with oyster sauce

Chinese meal is best eaten with lots of friends because then you have the opportunity to try more things. In our case, eight of us shared their spicy and tasty baked calamari with ‘3 glasses’ (of seasoning sauces and wine), which is, as the owner says, a popular dish from Taiwan where the meat of choice (chicken is most common) was flash-baked in a clay pot along with three cups of measured condiments. Topped with Thai basil, this is a dish to please those liking bold flavours. Eat it with steamed rice, if that suits you. We also try their BBQ meats and loved everything from crispy pork, roast goose and BBQ pork.

Hong Kong-style crispy pork is different from what we are familiar with here in Thailand. Cut into equal cubes and a piece needs to be eaten whole, Hong Kong crispy pork always has porous and crispy skin that crunches at the bite you make along with the other soft and tasty layers of flavours. Their roast goose, the house’s specialty, is made from local poultry, but prepared exactly in a way that a good Hong Kong chef would, by blow-drying the skin, giving it a good marinade and slow roasting it before serving it with typical Hong Kong tangy and sweet roast goose sauce. The BBQ meats range from Bt280-650++ per dish. A goose is Bt1,600++ whole.

Clockwise, homemade egg noodle with braised beef, mapo tofu which is spicy tofu with homemade egg noodle, dessert of milky tofu made into a carp, and refreshing soup of green bean, lotus root and pork ribs

Or if you like Hong Kong-style fried rice and noodle, you have come to the right place. We tried their stir-fried rice noodle with beef (Bt260++) which is excellent, although a bit on the oily side the day we were there. And we hope to go back there to try the epitome of Hong Kong fried rice which is the one with salted fish and chicken dices (Bt260++). Or you can just opt for their rice + BBQ meat of your choice that is served with their homemade fragrant soup.

I also very much like their Hong Kong-style desserts. We tried their milky tofu made into a carp and their yin-yang dessert of black sesame soup and silky homemade tofu (Bt90++/bowl). Hong Kong desserts are never too sweet and always about boosting the body functions. Black sesame and homemade tofu for dessert? Just give me a call anytime and I will be there just for those comforting bowls!

Hong Kong Kitchen is about simple and delicious Hong Kong staples and a few special dishes best shared with friends

Hong Kong Kitchen has two branches in Bangkok – 1. Rain Hill, Sukhumvit 47 (T: 02-261-7189) and 2. Esplanade on Ratchadapisek Road (T: 02-642-2136). Daily from 11am-10pm.

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