Hands Up if You Like Pancakes

Buttermilk pancakes served in a stack of three at Roast

When it comes to breakfast, I am quite obsessed with pancakes. The bigger, the fluffier is always the better. Among my best memories of pancakes are the giant American-style fluffy ones as big as the serving plate layered into three pieces and served with a generous scoop of butter and pour-it-yourself jug of maple syrup with a companion fruit being either strawberry or blueberries.

Although sounding like an easy early-of-the-day pleasure, good American-style pancakes are not easy to find in Bangkok. But at Roast, I found their pancakes closest to my fluffy reminiscence along with some other nice things that can make up for indulgent brunch, lunch and dinner.

Basil and goat cheese frittatina

Having been around for almost two years, Roast is a brainchild of someone American-educated and coffee-enthusiast. The result is this all-day dining place serving not just excellent selections of house-roasted coffees but also modern American dishes in an atmosphere cozy enough for an easygoing grub and fancy enough to come and have fun with friends.

Roast’s 12-page glossy menu (dubbed as their ‘newsletter’) is the place to start your meal. Among their wide arrays of breakfast and brunch, we chose, of course, the American Pancakes (Bt200) that were served in three layered pieces topped with crispy bacons, whipped butter and maple-flavoured syrup. For me, nothing beats the simplicity of good pancakes served warm with lots of butter and syrup.

Crab cake benedict

Then, we moved on to their Basil and Goats Cheese Frittatina (Bt320) which is two and a half fresh eggs cooked between being scrambled egg and Spanish-style frittata and served in a small steel pan with a crusty home-baked bread. The frittatina is tasty and fulfilling with the tangy goat cheese crumbles complimenting the otherwise bland and usually boring taste.

The bread served at Roast is also home-baked. It is the result of the owner, who, starting his food career with a small cafe and sandwich bar in Soi Sukhumvit 24, turned the effort searching for decent breads into a permanent bread-making skill. He now churns out breads of various styles to serve in his restaurant and for sales to any customers who like the taste and texture of his creations.

Roast Seafood Stew

If you like eggs benedict, you might want to try their Crab Cake Benedict (Bt350) which is an egg poached and served on a bed of crab cake, topped with the classic Hollandaise sauce, crispy potato cake, grilled asparagus and tomato and lovely homemade caramelized onion. This is such a nice indulgence; the plate is not too big and too stuffing, yet you get the good things going on together on the plate. Excellent and tasty combination of all flavours especially with their homemade onion preserve.

Being late for breakfast meant we got to try some brunch things without looking too crazy. A big fan of all duck confit, I ordered Duck Confit (Bt340) that was served in a generous pool of cranberry sauce, roasted potato, a dollop of sour cream and, best of all, a breaded and fried poached egg. The duck confit is well-prepared, salty but not too salty and importantly with a ducky aroma. I also like their preparation of the simple sides of the roasted potato and their creativity of deep-frying the poached egg. Love this dish! Such a good value for money, too.

Duck Confit

We still had a teeny-tiny space left, so we also tried their Roast Seafood Stew (Bt360) which is a typical European-style tomato-based seafood stew that is loaded with aromatics and herbs. Served with a piece of crisped bread, this is one hearty brunch if you are on your own looking for a nice, albeit, late fresh start of the day.

That’s it for my brunch at Roast. I will definitely go back and try their lunch which features salad, pastas and lots of tempting entrees and homemade desserts.

Parking is quite a challenge and hassle at this place especially if you do not like your car to be valeted. I would rather not driving there, but if you do, the valet service is the best option at Bt10 for 2 hours.

Roast Coffee and Eatery – 2nd Floor, Seen Space, Thong Lor Soi 13. Open Daily: 10.00-23.00 (Sundays from 9.00am). T: 02-185-2865.


2 thoughts on “Hands Up if You Like Pancakes

  1. I really wanna go back to Roast again after my last visit (last year, probably :P) Their coffee menu are at best.

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