Blissful in Chumporn

Enjoying life at one of Thailand’s best preserved spots

When it comes to taking a vacation the same time most people in the country did, like during the New Year period, we would rather choose to stay at home in Bangkok enjoying the peace and serenity than beating the traffic driving on the national highway. But then there is this place where most people skip on their way down to the South because it just lacks all things they look for in a serious vacation, i.e. up-scale facilities, top-notch restaurants and the air of being a place to be. But it has everything we need – unlimited fresh air, wild nature, gorgeous beaches, delicious local food and the peace and serenity we think we much deserve after a long year of working.

Selective views of Chumporn

Chumporn, about 500 kilometres south of Bangkok, is certainly not an easy getaway for most people. It is just too far to drive if you have just a few days off. And when you have a week or more to spend, why not go somewhere worthier, further away with more things to explore, right?

Chinese has strong influence at Chansom’s Honey restaurant

Since this province is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, it turns out to be our favorite. And we very much like it the way it is – rough, rural and nothing else. What we did the whole time we were there was enjoying our free time, no rush whatsoever, no traffic to beat, no people to elbow when going for a place to eat. I did a lot of reading (real, paper-flipping books), walking on the beach at least twice a day or as often as the weather allowed. Afternoons were always spent at our favorite coffee shop (Cera Garden) with a gorgeous view of rice paddies dotted with the beautiful brown beasts of cows and water buffaloes who were acting very Chumpornian by leisurely grazing the field alongside flocks of elegant egrets and storks.

What’s better that steamed rice and various savories followed by a all delicious Thai desserts?

Since there’s not enough tourist traffic to attract outside restaurateurs or any food chains, what we ate at Chumporn was all local food. And how heavenly was that! Our favorite places are Honey at Chansom hotel in town, but it is only open for dinner with various Chinese-inspired dishes such as boiled rice and assorted savories. We also ate a lot at Kwong Heng which is one of the oldest establishments in town serving hot plates of delicious Thai savories on steamed rice and lovely Thai desserts (sticky rice and durian, anyone?)

Chumporn Cabana serves delicious dishes; the above right seafood noodle is at Saplee Beach

We stayed at Chumporn Cabana in Patiew; their unspoiled vast beach is still second to none and we cherish the fact that the owners are totally into nature and self-sufficiency economy. They have been doing their best to preserve the pristine Tung Wua Lan beach from food stalls, beach chairs and all things that now crammed most popular beaches in this country. This is one beach we still need to roll out a mat or just sit on our sandals and can truly enjoy the amazing surroundings.

The river runs through Chumporn, giving the place a rich natural abundance unlike others

Above are Chumporn in different angles. The river running through the town means this place has rich brackish areas for mangrove and harbour settings for fisherman’s villages and things you might enjoy looking and thanking for when you need a place that can still amaze you just being itself. 😀

Our last night’s dinner at Honey followed by kanom beung at Pad Thai’s street; dried seafood and preserved are staple souvenirs from the sea of Thailand

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