Tee for Hearty Seafood

Deep-fried mud-crab with T’s special black pepper rub

Good news for those looking for hearty Chinese seafood meal in town. There’s no need to venture out from your business center because now that T-Restaurant, a.k.a Tee Pochana, has opened in their new location on Sukhumvit 31, with a small parking adding to urban convenience.

As one of Bangkok’s best known and seasoned seafood place, Tee Pochana is a family-run restaurant and now the second generation is taking up the torch with a new modern look of the place but still keeping the old-style hearty feeling of the old day meals. The place serves, as usual, myriads of dishes prepared from fresh seafood. Stir-fried mud crabs, steamed fish or even deep-fried squid served with chili-sauce, old-style.

Deep-fried squid with salt and pepper

Three of us were there on a crab mission, hence two crab dishes which are the place’s stars. One above is the stir-fried mud crab with very peppery black pepper sauce, the house’s special and the other is mud crab in curry sauce, another popular dish here. We got to chat with to Khun Ple, a daughter of the owner who, to my surprise thanks to her dainty frame, says she could really toss the iron-cast wok as good as her dad. Khun Ple told us that Chinese cooking always involves using heavy wok to perfect each dish. Stir-frying, then, in her home, means tossing away the wok until the food is cooked and gorgeously coated with the sauce as in case of the black pepper crab above, too. The result is that when you eat a piece of the crab, you get the slight tang of black pepper and salt, then the sweet meat of the crab.

Mud crab in curry sauce

The curry crab above is also special. The sauce, which is usually glossy with oil and egg in most places, is creamy and rich at Tee’s. Khun Ple told us that her dad invented this sauce out of his own preference, saying that the creamy one suits better the rice or white noodle that can be ordered as accompaniment. The dish is tasty, and of course, messy to eat. But it is worth it if you happen to be crab crazy like the three of us.

The deep-fried squid above was easy and addictive to eat. I know I shouldn’t be encouraging people to go for deep-fried food out of their own home, but I guess if you are not doing it everyday, then, it should be OK. Anyway, the squid was crunchy and salty. It could nicely compliment a good drink and gossipy conversation (like the one we had), or if you come here when the place is busy like the day we did, this one can be a good waiting dish while you wait for your other dishes to come.

Stir-fried noodle with crab meat

Then we ordered this noodle with crab meat, a typical finale dish for a Chinese meal. You must get some carb to be satisfying anyway and this dish is a nice way to do it. As you might be able to tell by now, stir-frying is the place’s forte and noodle like this, perfectly stir-fried and nicely aromatic, can always serve as a wonderful touch to your meal any day.

Tee’s dining room

Tee Pochana on Sukhumvit 31 is open everyday from 11.00 – midnight. T: 02-662-2347, 02-662-2247. There’s a cozy outdoor spaces if you like to go natural with the Bangkok weather.

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