Chasing Delicious Dreams

The house’s specialty of french fries served with savoury dips
Some places just require you to take off your tie and loosen the knot of your culinary stiffness. The place in this case is a small bar-cum-restaurant called ‘If It Is,’ following the owners’ various dreams and open options for their first business voyage.

“We just thought about the wild possibilities this place could be,” says Nuch, one of the partners. “It could be a showcase of our art works, furniture creations, a platform of my singing passion as well as a delicious hang-out for people who just want to have a good time.”

Having been around for about two and a half year, If It Is has proven to be more than just another business trial for starters. Apparently, the creativity the team has put together into creating this place has earned staple fans who like their ideas and gimmicks they put into all their food and the whole atmosphere here.

Instead of steamed rice, which is the familiar choice, If It Is serves Chinese-style chicken stew with creamy mashed potato
Stepping into If It Is is like entering someone’s dramatic dreams. The eclectic pieces of colourful tilapia-skin-upholstered furniture, hand-painted abstract murals in bold, dark tones, huge chandelier assembled from a bunch of antique wall clocks and paraffin lamps, and a piano and lots of pillows and frames, are parts of the decorations. The menu, made from leftover wooden frames cut into pieces and assembled into yet another frame is also another gimmick, features the food that goes well with drinks as well as things hearty enough to call it a meal. Most of the dishes here are not the things you have seen anywhere else because they are created from the owners’ pure hunger, imagination and need to assemble something quick from things leftover in their kitchen. The result is, as Nuch herself explains, “confusion food.”
Creamy spaghetti with Ebi shrimp roe and poached egg, flash-cooked pork liver with crispy garlic, and sticky rice ladled with creamy truffle mushroom-flavoured sauce and leek
The first picture above is the house’s pride of homemade french fries served with various savoury dips. The dips, available in lots of flavours including spicy pork, Japanese curry, tomato meat sauce, and a lot more, have become so popular that they decided to spin it off as a separate business. They now sell pre-packed dip-and-crisp in various flavours for those looking for a quick and satisfying snack.But if you happen to be here, the dips go better with the freshly-made beefy fries. We also find their chicken stew + mashed potato a lovely dish for a change. The creamy mashed potato goes well with the thick chicken stew. They even served it with cilantro and green chilies the way they would traditionally with steamed rice.

A set of their ‘breakfast in bed’ menu – pan-fried egg with cheese served with roti and mini pancakes served with assorted sweetness (honey, caramel, chocolate and sliced apple)
My friends who like pork liver raved about their flash-fried liver with crispy garlic and those who like things creamy would find their very creamy spaghetti with shrimp roe and poached egg and sticky rice with creamy truffle sauce a real pleasure.”Breakfast in Bed’ is another playful option if you are here on weekend. Served in a box that looks like a bed (complete with a sleeping beauty tucked in a lace-trimmed duvet), the set includes rings of mini-pancakes and various sweet condiments of melted chocolate, caramel and honey and chopped up apples that counterbalance the salty and savoury tastes of fried egg with cheese served with roti in a pan. It is a vivacious place to be, especially when you are in a mood for a funky morning.

If It Is’ eclectic scenes of refurbished and retro furniture, hand-painted murals, old clocks and owner crooning a Thai love song
Nuch also sings when she serves her food, using a mobile microphone. But sometimes when she sits at her piano, she plays and hums the tunes of Thai oldies. The options here just keep on going 😀
Their dips are now available for to-go options in glass pots and set ready with crispy roti
If It Is on Sukhumvit 38 (walkable from BTS Thonglor) is open for dinner during the weekdays from 5pm-midnight and serves breakfast on weekends from 10am-2pm, then dinner from 5-11pm. They are closed Mondays. Their dips are now available at the restaurant and some supermarkets in town.

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