Uptown Chow

Red Dragon Rolls (Bt720) and Harajuku Sashimi (Bt1,800)
First time I learnt making Japanese dishes was at the cooking class of Chef Satoshi Sawada of Shintaro at Four Seasons Bangkok. It was many years back during one of their famous annual World Gourmet Festivals. Chef Sawada was teaching a homemade teriyaki sauce that was so easy and delicious that I never went back to using the pricey bottled version at the supermarket again.

An advocate for homemade ingredients, Chef Sawada imparts his meticulous cooking methods at Shintaro – the hotel’s Japanese restaurant where he has been in the saddle for over 10 years. Paying attention to details and making most ingredients himself is how the chef stays abreast with tons of new and similar Japanese restaurants in town. Here, Mr. Sawada prepares not just the broth, the sushi vinegar, but also the ubiquitous shoyu (soy sauce) himself by flavouring it with dried fish to enhance the aroma and taste, just to name a few.

Wasabi Lamb Chop (Bt1,050)

Being at the Four Seasons Bangkok, Shintaro is not a cheap place to eat, but definitely a special one. Unless you stick to their lunch sets (ranging from Bt410-720/set), prepare to spend at least Bt1,500 per person. Even with the price tag, Shintaro is always crowded. Its cozy environment suits those seeking privacy and intimacy. Those who find pleasures eating their simply fresh and skillfully prepared sushi and sashimi always make sure they book their seats in advance at the sushi bar.

Recently, their menu has been updated with some new items on top of their popular ones. Their sushi and sashimi selections, with choices of single fish and combo, are packed with items from all tuna cuts (semi and fully fatty belly), yellowtail, red snapper, scallop, sweet shrimp, octopus, flounder, squid and Northern clam. For sashimi, a serving contains 4 pieces at the prices ranging from Bt280-2,700 (for Otoro – the fatty belly). We order a plate of Harajuku – a combination of tuna back, salmon, amberjack, red snapper, Northern clam and sweet shrimp. A serving of sushi contains 2 pieces of your choices, with prices ranging from Bt110 (fried bean curd) to Bt1,080 (sea urchin). You can also opt to the two available combinations (Bt2,900 and Bt1,600).

“Shake Shiokoji Kohsoyaki” – Grilled Salmon with Rice Malt, Foie Gras, and Pepper Soy Sauce (Bt980)

But Shintaro is not only about sushi and sashimi. Their highlights include the Red Dragon Rolls (Bt720) which is spicy tuna, shrimp, eel, avocado, tempura drop and crispy shallot. This is a concoction of fused tastes Chef Sawada has that earned him a solid nod from his Thai hi-so clienteles. His equally very famous Wasabi Lamb Chop (Bt1,050) with the tender lamb drowned in the spicy wasabi + soy sauce is always delicious and popular. The lamb is succulent and goes perfectly with the sweet cherry tomatoes, crunchy mushroom and zucchini and ginkgo seeds. This dish would go well with a bowl of steamed rice, if you wish to add to the heartiness of the meal.

Then, we have the new dish of Grilled Salmon with Rice Malt, Foie Gras and Pepper Soy Sauce (Bt980) that is beautifully served with the glistened orange fish fillets covering a thick liver. Many Thais have a soft spot for both salmon and foie gras, hence this dish developed just to please their palate.

Kudzu Mochi served with mashed red bean (Bt240), Ume & Yuzu (Plum Sherbet, Plum Compote and Plum Gelee, Bt240)

In my opinion, Sintaro could be a place with the most fancy Japanese desserts in Bangkok. With the hotel already famous for their homemade ice creams, Shintaro upps the whole homemade scene to another level with choices of homemade green tea ice cream, plum sherbet, and mochi (sticky rice cakes). We share a plate of Kudzumochi (Bt240), with mochi cakes in green tea, raspberry, soy bean and coconut flavours served with mashed red beans and syrups. But then I find my new love – the Ume and Yuzu (Bt240) which is a platter of plums in forms of so refreshing and delicious sherbet, deeply sweet and seductive compote and playful gelee. No wonder why this place is such a popular. ^^

Cozy ambiance of Shintaro at Four Seasons Bangkok

Shintaro, Four Seasons Bangkok, is open daily for lunch 11.30-14.30 and dinner 17.00-22.30. T: 02-126-8866 ext: 1239.


2 thoughts on “Uptown Chow

  1. HI I am just getting into photography and hope you don’t mind me asking but what camera do you use as I think your photos are excellent and making me hungry 🙂

  2. Hi Martin..many thanks. the gear we use is Canon 5D MK2, 24-105mm F4 L Canon lens. You can see more photos by him by clicking at each image. ^^

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