In the Mood for Beef

Number One burger at 25 Degrees Bangkok is a bite full of ground Angus beef, caramelized onion, Crescenza and Gorgonzola cheeses, arugula leaves and Thousand Island dressing. (Bt330)

Some food becomes classic because of its great tasty combination. For instance, a classic burger that is composed of good and tasty ingredients. The sweet homemade caramelised onions and perfectly grilled ground Angus beef on the mouthful brioche bun. The oozing Crescenza and Gorgonzola cheeses – dripping down the side – that send a sharp and subtly salty notch to each juicy bite. The crispy bacon, creamy Thousand Island dressing and fresh arugula leaves. Meet the ‘Number One’ of 25 Degrees Bangkok – an American diner and burger joint where you can swing by whenever in the mood for a good hearty meal.

Truffle and curly fries (Bt100 and Bt80) and their latest addition of Thai burger which is Kurobuta pork in Laab flavour complete with fresh mints and basil (Bt330)

Hailing from Chicago, Los Angeles and Huntington Beach in California, 25 Degrees is named after the precise temperature difference between a raw and well done hamburger. People here know how to cook real burgers and they also care very much about the brioche bun that goes along with it. Brioches for burger and hot dog at this restaurant are all homemade. They are richer and much more buttery than other normal burger buns, a result of substantial amount of egg yolks that are put into it.

Apart from the Number One – which is huge – we also tried their featured Thai burger or Kurobuta pork burger in Thai laab flavour complete with fresh mint, basil and coriander on top of the usual tomato and onion. After its Bangkok premier a couple of months back, the Thai burger has now gained a nod from the American branches to be featured in their special menu, shining a strong prospect for this burger to be liked by the locals over there.

Brioche bun used in the Thai burger is a special dough spiced with dried chilies. The mayo for this burger is also spicy to round up the Thai taste in every bite. You can ask for the Thai burger set if you are here during lunch hours. With the set, you get a glass of Thai iced tea and French fries with crispy kaffir lime leaves, too.

Sonoran Hot Dog with bacon wrapped dog, caramelized onions, tomato, pinto beans, onion hatch green chili, mustard and garlic aioli Bt330

But 25 Degrees is not only about burgers (though you can choose from beef and pork to Yellowfin tuna, turkey and veggie), they also feature hot dogs and sandwiches as well. Their Sonoran hot dog – sometimes referred to as ‘Chili Dog on steroids’ for its superabundant ingredients that make the usual Chili Dog bland and boring by comparison – is another famous choice. The pork banger, nestled in the bun and wrapped with bacon, is ladled with caramelized onions, pinto beans, onion hatch green chili, and top with streaks of mustard and garlic aioli. You might want to eat it right away for the melting cheese and grilled bun dry up very easily.

Warm melt chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (Bt250) and the classic strawberry milk shake (Bt120)

When it comes to a classic American diner, other dishes also conjure up in my mind. For example, the hearty (and huge) breakfast, waffles, French toasts and pancakes which 25 Degrees also serve all day. You can come here and enjoy your delicious craves 24 hours a day. Or you can just drop by for an afternoon treat of super creamy and rich strawberry milkshake topped with heaps of whipped cream (my favorite guilt) and a warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. After all, this is a convenient spot for those wishing to hang out somewhere with really hearty grub and cool, playful ambiance. 25deg5

Ambiance of 25 Degrees Bangkok on Silom Road
25 Degrees is open 24 hours every day

25 Degrees Bangkok is at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, ground floor, 188 Silom Road, Bangkok. BTS: Chong Nonsee. T: 02-238-1991.

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  1. ขอบคุณมากครับ คุณโอ๋ น่าทานทั้งนั้นเลย คงต้องนั่งทำใจสัก2-3 วันเพราะผมอยู่ห่างจาก25 degreeประมาณ1000กิโลเมตรครับ:)

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