Visiting Hong Kong – Wan Chai’s Egg Tart

Egg tarts, chicken pies and chilled milk tea at Kam Fung Cafe

Snack times in Hong Kong run around the clock, literally. But the busiest slot seems to be in early afternoon, around 2.30pm on until may be 4pm, when the lunch seems to be digested down a bit and many people feel like nibbling on some delicious munchies to perk themselves up just before dinner.

Most egg tarts in Hong Kong look pretty much the same – with a set, smooth and creamy filling of the pale egg yolk in cookie-like crumbling crust with not so much of a caramelized nature like that of the Macau (or Portuguese) style egg tarts. But at this small and obviously popular cafe called Kam Fung Cafe in Wan Chai, we found something a bit different from the norm – a runny yolk filling.

Kam Fung is a classic cafe set on a narrow and busy Wan Chai alley. If there’s a queue outside, you’ll need to squeeze yourself as close to the wall as possible to allow human traffic to pass by. While this place also offers other varieties of bakeries – from the famous pineapple buns to sugar-dusted buns – the egg tart and the chicken pie seem to be their most popular. I do not eat eggs uncooked or, in this case, cooked but looks unlike it, hence I go for their equally famous chicken pie with a very butter-rich and delicious crumbling crust and creamy chicken filling.

We had it with their special chilled milk tea which they prepare strong and not too sweet and keep chilled in the glass in the fridge ready to serve without having to add ice cubes to dilute the taste. A detail well done. Love it.

Busy ambiance at Kam Fung Cafe in Wan Chai

Kam Fung Café G/F 41 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai, T: 2572-0526, daily from 06.45 – 19.00.

3 thoughts on “Visiting Hong Kong – Wan Chai’s Egg Tart

  1. I love egg tarts! Hopefully that place is still there when I go back to HK 🙂 Melbourne doesn’t have any egg tarts worth buying, honestly. 😐

  2. “Wanchai” Cantonese pronunciation should be ว้าน ไจ๋ not หว่านจ๋าย

  3. Khun Sophia, you sound like a language teacher. Thank you. Please comment on the text too if you can. Just curious.

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