Visiting Hong Kong – ‘Hong Kong Ma Man Sek’ E-Book

Now you can go to iTunes and download our latest book – Hong Kong Ma Man Sek – which is a slow take on Hong Kong journey. In Thai and 45-page long, the book is about the two best kept and most charming communities of Hong Kong  and it is our effort to stay abreast of the book publishing business. We hope that by being more Internet-based and becoming more interactive and visual, we would be able to offer you the latest information about the places to visit and eat. For those without a US Apple ID, you can still download the PDF file of the book right here and read it EVERYWHERE :D. The digital era has prompted many book publishers to reinvent themselves. For travel guide, with fresh and updated information and images the most important, we certainly reckon that this blog, available in Thai and English, will become much more reliable to everyday use. We are also planning to be more fun with VDOs and will soon launch a YouTube channel. ‘STAY HUNGRY. STAY FOOLISH.’ is our borrowed motto, hence what we try to do. If you are interested, you are invited to stay tuned via instagram @ohhappybear, Twitter @ohsirin and Facebook page at, or just simply by following this blog. Hope you’d enjoy it. Thanks! 😀


One thought on “Visiting Hong Kong – ‘Hong Kong Ma Man Sek’ E-Book

  1. 慢慢食 actual Cantonese pronunciation should be maan maan sek / หม่าน ม๊าน เส็ก

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