Eat Drink Love

This gorgeous dish is called ‘roast free-range chicken, herb jus and caramelized apple,’ and we eat it at the lovely new bistro called ‘Eat Drink Love’ on Srinakarin Road.

Set in a lush landscape of a low-rise serviced apartment near Paradise Park, Eat Drink Love’s small menu consists of comfort food inspired by Italian, French and Thai cuisines. You can come here and have a light meal with the lovely Caesar salad (really good – fresh, crisp cos leaves drenched with just-whipped eggy and creamy dressing). Or if you are in to soft and gooey cheese like me, try their scrumptious baked Camembert cheese with fricasseed mushrooms and devour the perfectly matching of the earthy tastes. I also love their spaghetti – prepared perfectly with a tender resistance – stir-fried with northern-style sausage of sai ua complete with finely julienned kaffir lime leaves and fresh chilies.

But the chicken is the star here. Those who cook know that chicken, although sounding bland and boring, when prepared right, is a gourmand’s favorite. Sweet, juicy, succulent, aromatic, tender yet still resisting to each bite is the type of texture we get here. They bake the chicken with green apple and then serve it with lovely ratatouille and blue berry reduction. Chicken still juicy and vegetables crispy and sweet. One great plate at a lovely place to be.

Eat Drink Love is open everyday from 17.30 – midnight (last order at 22.45). T: 02-707-8873.

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