Pike Place Market

Goodnight from Seattle. Cloudy but still lovely as always 🙂

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Memories of my travel are usually punctuated with the tasty reminiscences of the food we ate along the way. Here in Seattle, our delicious flashbacks begin at their famous Pike Place Market where the community of local farmers and vendors fought over the monopoly of the settling middle men and set out to establish one of the oldest and longest-running farmers markets in the world.

The market, established back in 1907, has apparently become one of Seattle’s best and most popular tourist attractions, with lots of fresh produce and cooked food that literally drive me nuts. You can be here at any hours (before 6 pm) and enjoy – apart from the world-famous fish-throwing intervals – the wide selections of the seductive local fruits and produce, pastries, sandwiches, doughnuts, chocolate-coated cherries, ice cream, yoghurt, or home-prepared seafood (think delicious smoked salmon and salmon jerky) and a lot more (such as the lavish Turkish baklava and Russian staples of piroshky and other bakery rolls). We came down here almost every morning for breakfast because our hotel (the superlative and historic Mayflower Park Hotel) is just three short blocks away. ^^

One of my favorite places for breakfast is Le Penier which is good for its ‘very French’ pastries and breads. We found their fresh sandwiches of tuna and roast beef on crusty baguettes clean-tasting and scrumptious and hearty (good for long walking days ahead) and their coffee (prepared with Caffe Umbria‘s beans) aromatic and strong – good for kick-starting the day exploring this cool, cloudy and lovely city.

Clearly the least known coffee shop in Seattle 🙂

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We also did a 90-minute walking tour with Savor Seattle Food Tours that guided us through the market’s delicious stalls adorned with interesting unique histories. The sense of community is what I found so strong and fundamental here – even more or equally so to the tastes of the food offered. The tour, which is of 16-people group, is a good choice for those wanting to know more of the market, especially their lovely historical tidbits of the places and the shops. Also, the operator, in partnership with local operators, gives a 10% discount card at the end of the tour that we can later use to venture out eating or shopping on our own for something back home that can lengthen the delicious recollections of this lovely city.


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