Eating in Thailand, Blue Elephant

Clockwise from top: lotus petal mieng, wrapped lobster, golden bird nest and melon and dried fish

Do check your watches! Time for celebration is near and we will want to break free, even for a short bit, from the political turmoil that has been engulfing most of us with emotional strain and tension. We want to know how it is going to end and we are hoping for the best. The sooner, the better, so we can stride on and hopefully into the right direction this time.

Back to the food. Thai food, unlike the politics of the country, has been truer and more honest to the Thai people and its aficionados for its sumptuous tastes and gorgeous varieties. If food is a sanctuary, the year-end festive season is an excellent time for us to indulge and reflect to our nation’s pride and joy that come on the plates. Hence, we begin December’s posts with Blue Elephant’s New Year Rattanakosin Set Menu that will be on offer for the New Year’s dinner along with a glass of champagne as an option.

Right, in basket, two-coloured flower

Known for their exquisite takes on Thai food, Blue Elephant’s Rattanakosin set features Thai dishes presented beautifully, showcasing Thai ingredients from all over the country. There are also some interesting and delicious combinations that reflect the long and interesting journeys of the cuisine, from the time Siam began its interactions with foreign nations to the time when the country sourced out the great seasonal bounty with homegrown fresh vegetables and flowers. The names of the food also make them much more special. Thai people are known for taking their time linking words into poetry, carving fruits and vegetables into beautiful creatures and here at Blue Elephant, you get to celebrate the good time with all those traditional treasures.

Lobster with spicy herbal dressing and makieng berries

With some long-forgotten dishes such as melon & dried fish, lotus petal mieng, and coconut soup with lobster, the set also features unheard-of curry of Golden Neck chicken with tamarind eggs, water bamboo & crabmeat and two-coloured flower which is, in fact, deep-fried minced chicken and prawn with a stuffing of Chinese sausage, a lovely combination of sweet and savoury, served with sweet plum sauce.

Lovely Thai homemade desserts

Eating at Blue Elephant is always a special occasion. After all, the restaurant is set in a historic wooden mansion built in a neo-classic fashion back during the World War II days. First owned by Indian merchants, this place was once the ‘Bombay Department Store.’ Later, when occupied by the Japanese, this became the Imperial Headquarters. Today, the mansion belongs to the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce who saved the building from demolition after the war and registered the property as a historical heritage site.

The gorgeous historical mansion built during the World War II is also an attraction on its own

The Rattanakosin New Year dinner is Bt3,850++ or 4,450++ per person with a glass of champagne. Apart from a live trio band and in-house DJ for the event, there will also be a lucky draw for the guests with the grand prize of two return air tickets from Bangkok to Phuket and two-night accommodations at Centara Grand Beach Resort near Karon Beach.

Blue Elephant, 233 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok, BTS: Surasak, T: 02-673-9353.



3 thoughts on “Eating in Thailand, Blue Elephant

  1. I really LOVE to eat at Blue Elephant. For me this is the best Thai Restaurant in Bangkok. Because of my work I visit Bangkok once or twice every 4 months.
    Every single time the first day of my visit in Bagkok I have my dinner exactly at Blue Elephant.

    The two other restaurants in my top 3 are The Face and KOI restaurant both located in Sukhumvit.

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