Eating in Thailand – Brunch at Hilton Millennium, Bangkok

Fresh seafood at Flow's Sunday Brunch
Fresh seafood at Flow’s Sunday Brunch

What would you do if you have half a day to spend on a Sunday? My advice is to use it to indulge, as much as you can, like we did and so very much liked, at the very impressive sweeping buffet lines of the very very grand Sunday Brunch at the Hilton Millennium on the other side of Bangkok, where the food includes the highlights from all the restaurants in the property.

You might have heard a lot about Sunday Brunch offered at many top hotels in Bangkok. The meal, for some reasons, has become quite a norm of Sunday leisure for many Thai families. But let me tell you that if you look for the wonderfully tasty bites, the lovely experience and the good value, Hilton Millennium is the place to come. At the price of Bt1,999 net per person (Bt2,999 + free-flow of wines, children aged 6-12 half price), you get to dine and unwind for hours – from 11.00 – 15.00. Plus, if you feel like swimming or lounging around after that huge meal, you are also welcome to do so, too! Just pack along your swimsuit and enjoy their extended access to the Beach, their pool facility on the fourth floor of the hotel.

My selections out of their brimming appetizer table, with slices of Spanish jamon ham my favorite among other tasty cuts and rolls
My selections out of their brimming appetizer table, with slices of Spanish jamon ham my favorite among other tasty cuts and rolls

The brunch at Hilton Millennium starts on the 32nd floor, at their famous ThreeSixty Jazz Lounge perched on top of the building where you can enjoy their one-of-a-kind 360-degree view of river and the vibrant city of Thonburi. Usually open only in the evening for drinks and snacks, the Sunday Brunch’s special access to ThreeSixty is a big plus for any view-addicts who can also slurp on a pre-meal drink (they serve arrays of pre-made cocktails, complimentary, ranging from fruit punch to orange juice) and a plate of assorted snacks (lovely creamy coquettes, deep-fried shrimp spring rolls and oyster tempura).

Steamed snow fish with spicy Thai-style sauce
Steamed snow fish with spicy Thai-style sauce

Then, at noon, when the buffet line at Flow on the ground floor is ready, you can make your way down for a real meal. Allow me to give you a little caution here. They have as mush as 250 food items on offer, ranging from one brimming table to the next, from the salacious cold-cut appetizers (thinly sliced Mortadella, Jamon ham (both of which I adore), pepperoni, air-dried beef, and smoked salmons all the way to freshly tossed Ceasar salad with super tangy and light yet still creamy dressing to seafood and Western dishes, Thai, Japanese and Chinese. I already like everything here at the first station. They select good stuff, each ingredient burstling fresh flavours, especially the hams and the smoked salmon. All goes wonderfully with their crusty rolls and breads.

From their endless choices of Western dishes
From their endless choices of Western dishes

You do not want to beat people for the chilled seafood selection at the beginning of the buffet hours, though, for it would be impossible to get even one leg of King crab perched on the ice mountain when the crowds are grabbing and snatching them like crazy. It is better to leave the seafood alone until later, when most people have moved along to other sections and leaf the seafood plenty to choose from. I would choose the King crab and crab meat salad served in a cup. And if you choose to go with a free-flow of wines, this is the time to call for a good chilled white, or a rose (my choice) or even a prosecco which are on offer along with many kinds of spirits, fruit juices and more at the bar.

Their to-die-for cheese room!
Their to-die-for cheese room!

Next to their seafood is their flavourful Western dishes selections that range from roast beef to baked whole salmon (so very fresh, juicy and sweet), butterfish with creamy sauce (love this one), duck confit, layers of potato gratin and soup (they serve corn and jalapeno soup, which was a bit too thin, complete with gorgeous Melba toast, on the day we were there). One thing about Hilton’s serving style is that they refuse to pile on their offerings. You will see when you are here that each selection has just about 10-12 pieces in a tray, hence allowing them to make each batch frequently and freshly for the best tastes of the food. This is what makes buffet here different. We found the food here lovely and tasty and we liked it a lot.

Our communal platter - with soft cheeses ranging in ages and textures
Our communal platter – with soft cheeses ranging in ages and textures

Moving along to the other table, you will see their Thai and Chinese stations settled side by side. Both cuisines are served fresh with samples of the offerings showcased for you to order. I particular liked their steamed snow fish and Thai-style deep-fried fish with sweet and sour sauce that went very well with the dry chilled rose. At this point, I was too full to try any of the Chinese offerings. I wish I had planned my eating scheme better, for I had already taken as much as 20 bites and, again, I became way too full to move, let alone stuffing my face with more food.

And yes, save room for the desserts, too!
And yes, save room for the desserts, too!

There are much more that I didn’t try last Sunday, but I will when we go back there on our own next occasions. Apart from their cheese room that impressively stores maybe about 30-40 kinds of cheeses – from hard to soft and a lot in between, from strong to mild to extra mild, with the Gorgonzola going pretty lovely with the sweet apricot jam, the Lantern, the hotel’s dessert and chocolate outlet, is filled to the brim with assorted desserts. No matter what you do in the course of the lengthy brunch, do save room for this. I managed to do so, if only hardly, with a piece of light and lovely cream puff, creme brulee (my all-time addiction), lovely lovely white chocolate snap and velvety chocolate truffle and mousse. Of course, a good warn peppermint tea did help!

Their gorgeous hundreds-year-old banyan tree and shrines next door to the Lantern, their dessert, chocolate and ice cream parlour
Their gorgeous hundreds-year-old banyan tree and shrines next door to the Lantern, their dessert, chocolate and ice cream parlour

Make your Sunday an indulgence with good meal, view and swimming pool. You can drive directly to the hotel, or take their boat shuttle that leaves Sathorn Pier (BTS: Sapan Taksin) every 20 minutes. We took the 11.10am shuttle which took us directly to Flow 10 minutes later. Our friend who biked from his home took his bike on the boat and securely parked it in front of the restaurant. A good way to burn calories on the way back, too. For reservation, call Hilton Millennium Bangkok at T: 02-442-2000. If you like their food, you can also subscribe to be a member of their Premium Club for special discounts. For more information about membership, click here.



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