Visiting Portland, Oregon

Our lunch, bought from Amtrak’s Lounge Car

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After five fabulous days in Seattle, it’s time for us to pack our bags and make a move southward to our beloved city of Portland, Oregon. Our plan is to be totally unpacked and spend a whole month living an easy-paced vacation consisting a lot of eating, walking, dog-watching, reading and perhaps doing some tax-free shopping. 😀

Our transportation of choice, since we vow not to drive this time in the US, is, of course, the Amtrak train which takes about 3 hours. One thing about Amtrak is that if you book ahead enough, chances are that you could get the extra comfort of the business class at the price of the economy. So book ahead if you do know the exact date and time of your schedule.

Baggage check-in ticket

It was only a short taxi ride away from our hotel, the Mayflower Park in Seattle downtown, to the King Street Train station which is a beautifully-restored historic building south of downtown area. The station’s most magnificent feature, its 74-metre clock tower, was said to be modeled after St. Mark’s Campanile in Venice. When it was being built in the early 1900s, the tower was said to be Seattle’s tallest building and the clock tower the second largest timepiece on the Pacific Coast after the Ferry Building in San Francisco, California.

Amtrak’s economy cabin

We checked our bags and waited for the train at the lounging area. This area has been newly renovated as parts of the City’s attempts to restore its historical treasures. The waiting area was spacious, the ornate ceiling airy and white with stucco features that resemble its past glory.

One thing that we should do in advance is knowing that, unlike the plane, there’s no queue at the Amtrak check in and it took only a second, meaning we have plenty of time to wait. We could have brought a sandwich, but we didn’t, hence a bag of potato chips from the vending machine.

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Amtrak down to Portland, Oregon ❤❤

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Anyway, the Lounge Car of the train is fully equipped and that makes us totally happy. One thing here, though, if you want to eat on the train, do so before the lunch hours. The queue could be really long for I think most people didn’t plan ahead on their meals either. Anyway, we managed and we each had a clam chowder from Seattle’s famous Ivar’s and crackers, a good-enough hot dog and a bottle of iced tea. It was a pleasant ride!


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