Eating in Portland, Oregon – Byways Cafe

Sunrise Special with blueberry pancakes at Byway Cafe in the Pearl District, PDX
Sunrise Special with blueberry pancakes at Byway Cafe in the Pearl District, PDX

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Destination: Portland, Oregon
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It would take me a whole month to write about every breakfast we had in PDX. For there, we stayed for 31 days and liked every single morning. Rain or shine, dry or puddle, warm or chill, Portland, Oregon – the small town cordially called after its airport code as ‘PDX’ – is the land of food plenty. For us, this place is a tasty utopia, and here is one meal that I single out this time to showcase the fact.

If I have to rate the place that I like most for breakfast, the first has to be ‘Byways Cafe’ in the Pearl District which is a short walk away from our place on Washington and 11th. Byways, small and lined with both counter and booth seatings, has been around for over 10 years, serving traditional and super-hearty American-style brekkies in the eclectic mix-and-match decors. Their coffee cups are none the same and their plates are from every period and every corner of the US’50 states.

Another version of their Sunrise Special. This time with buttermilk pancakes.
Another version of their Sunrise Special. This time with buttermilk pancakes.

Their breakfast choices cover 4 full pages which everything you would expect from a typical full breakfast choices – plate-sized pancakes, crispy-fried bacon, eggs of all styles (fried, scrambled or omelette), ham, juicy french toasts, homemade biscuits and thick and aromatic gravy, fried potatoes, cheeses, cereals, granola, toasts, and fruits. We order their Sunrise Special that comes with three big pieces of buttermilk pancakes, two strips of bacon, and one egg. We also substitute the buttermilk with the blueberry pancakes which are fluffy and delicious. We make sure we eat up to PDX’s grand foodie reputations. 😀

Scrambled eggs and ham, sliced
Scrambled eggs and ham, sliced

The breakfast here is damn hearty and tasty. I like that they do not hold back on anything – from the main servings to the condiments such as a jug full of maple syrup and butters and all, hence a real treat for a good day. And being in the pedestrian-friendly PDX, it means we can just walk across town or everywhere to not feel guilty (or bloating:). I think big breakfast (perhaps lunch and dinner, too) is a part of the American cultures. Happy life, I guess!

Anyway, this is our favorite place for the latest trip to PDX. The service is friendly and the staff smiling and patient. I love their American-country style outfit, especially the green flannel shirt which I came back and sought for at the local Uniqlo 😀 The place can be crowded in late mornings when tourists come in big groups. But for the two of us, a perch on the counter is fine as well as a small table at the corner.

Byways' friendly ambience
Byways’ friendly ambience

Byways also serves lunch which consists of the typical American lunches (burgers, sandwiches and salads), but I guess still hearty and traditional. This is no place for small dainty plates that have now become more and more popular in town and I love it in every way! They also have homemade scones (each triangular piece as big as a wedge of pie in Bangkok), layered-cakes and palm-sized cookies that change daily that you can come over for a afternoon treat.

Our breakfast cheque at Byways Cafe in PDX
Our breakfast cheque at Byways Cafe in PDX

Byways Cafe, 1212 NW Glisan Street, Portland, Oregon. Mon-Fri: 7.00 – 15.00 (breakfast until 11am and then onto the lunch menu). Sat-Sun: 7.30 – 14.00 (serving breakfast all day, no lunch). T: 503-221-0011.


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