Last Bits of Summer

Chumporn blog 1
We had a real long, scorching summer for the last few months in Thailand. The dryness and the sun were always good for the beach. Schools were out and the children were traveling with their families. That meant lots of traffics even for the quiet town of Chumporn where we frequented. Tourists came here for the island tours, snorkeling and diving tours and sometimes for the night squid fishing tour.

Chumporn Blog 2.2
Despite the crowds, we spent the last few weeks of summer at our favorite spots in Chumporn. Above are the scenes from Tung Wua Laen beach. The vast, pristine beach is, I believe, one of the best preserved in the country.
Chumporn Blog 3
We did a lot of walking. Market walking, to be exact. Chumporn has one main fresh market that is active at dawn until early morning. Vendors rotated by the hours. Earliest vendors sell fresh produce, meats and seafood while those with fruits, ready-to-eat came by later, suiting those looking for a quick tasty bite for the morning. Above were the very delicious Muslim-style vegetarian puffs served with hot sauce. They also had crispy roti with condensed milk and sugar too at this stall.
Chumporn Blog 4
We also found this place that sells homemade Chinese doughnut. Made in small batch, upon order, these were among the best Chinese doughnuts we had ever had. Lovely even more with a small serving of condensed milk and instant coffee.
Chumporn Blog 6
Chumporn Blog 5
Above are a ‘grocery corner’ and a Thai-style ‘convenient store’ inside the fresh market. I bought a fruit knife a peeler. And those coconut-milk strainers look so familiar in my mother’s old kitchen. 😀


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