Nattaporn (ไอศกรีมรสไทย นัฐพร) Thai Granita

The classic coconut granita at Nuttaporn Ice Cream at Prawng Phutorn area
The classic coconut granita at Nuttaporn Ice Cream at Prawng Phutorn area

An Anatomy of Thai Food – Sticky Rice + Durian
Eating Thai Food – Khao Chae (Summer Rice)

Nuttaporn Ice Cream at the historic Praeng Phutorn area inside the Old Quarter of Bangkok can easily be the country’s oldest ice cream parlour with the classic ambiance to go with it. Having said all that, I am a bit ashamed to admit that this is my first time visiting the place and I got lost on the way just to complete my exploration rituals.

I have heard tons about this place. This is ‘the’ ice cream parlour for the foodies, in and outside of Thailand. This is a historical monument, having been around for just… 70 something years, with now third generation of the line of the ice-cream churners running the place. Thanks to Thailand’s rich tropical abundance, it does not surprise me at all to learn that their coconut granita is their classic and most popular flavour. So, one day, when we had a chance (meaning the weather to finally cool down just a bit), we took off to explore the old town again. After having a scrumptious lunch as always at our favourite place (which I will definitely blog about later), we managed to save big enough a room to try (almost) all the flavours they have. ^-^

'Mahachanok' mango flavour with candied 'look chid' or palm seeds
‘Mahachanok’ mango flavour with candied ‘look chid’ or palm seeds

From top, you will see their classic coconut flavour. I’d confirm that this is the best. On top of those scoops are assorted Thai-style toppings, including toasted green beans (so good for their toasting aroma and crunchiness), toasted peanuts, candied yam, corn, red beans and a sprinkle of some munchy job’s tears. The texture, as I have said, is more like a granita than ice cream. And that’s a good thing because then it means that they are not using any chemical emulsifier, sadly now such a common commercial ice cream ingredient, just to form the body of the ice cream. The granita is also not too sweet. It is refreshing with nice summery aroma of fresh coconut juice. It is even fulfilling, thanks to all those toppings that made the whole thing quite hearty.

The durian flavour of their old-school granita
The durian flavour of their old-school granita

Then, there’s the Mahachanok mango flavour. It is perhaps the second or third bite into the bowl that I thought, ‘well, this is quite a salty ice cream.’ Eating on and the later bites just confirmed that saline extraordinaire. The pale yellowish look of the ice cream means they might be using the real mango instead of the artificial colour, and I do appreciate it and instantly forgive the annoying saltiness. However, I could go without that much of the salt in the dessert. The candied palm seeds, however, are perfect. They are my favourite Thai dessert topping anyway.

Old-school and kicking..
Old-school and kicking..

Last but not least is their durian flavour. I mean, as I have said before, this is an acquired taste. But I guess durian has received such an international press that those claiming to be a foodie, especially a bold one, would want to at least once in their lifetime. Tell you what, this is not so bad a durian ice cream. The durian flavour is comparatively milder than many other places I have been. The flaky texture of the ice cream makes it feel more like eating shaved ice even more than a granita. Still, like the mango flavour, this is quite a salty ice cream. I would rather come here and stick to their classic coconut the next time around.

All in all, this is a wonderful place to visit, especially in a hot day when you need these cool bites. And that means almost every single day here in Bangkok. Apart from their granitas, Nuttaporn’s location has its own unique charms. Old, tight-knit community of Praeng Phutorn carries with it many long and interesting stories. You can wander around and eat your way through all the historic attractions, but then again, you might decide you take it easy, sit down and chill through all the flavours just for fun.

Map to Nuttaporn Ice Cream
Map to Nuttaporn Ice Cream

Nuttaporn Ice Cream (นัฐพร ไอศกรีมรสไทย)- 94 Praeng Phutorn Road, Mon-Sat: 9.00 – 17.00, T: 081-437-7377, 089-826-5752.





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