I started blogging years ago as a way to pass the time while being partially sick and bedridden. Always a hyperactive one, I found blogging an excellent escapade into my thoughts. Later, when someone asked me to describe my writing style as a writer, I’d just referred them to my blog. There’s no better places than here where they can peruse whatever a writing style they are looking for. And it is much more convenient, too. Instead of waiting for me to send the scanned copies of my published stories or booksthey can just click on my website and see for themselves.

Then suddenly blogging has become a sticky habit. A thing I usually do just to warm up my real writing muscles. From just a hobby and a diversion from work, I gained readers, subscribers and followers. I even got featured in the press. And I am always grateful for that. Writing blog has given me happy gratifications like none others. Throughout the years, I also moved from different blogging spheres, from blogger.com to here at wordpress. I once had two blogs: http://www.ohsirin.com which is in English and http://www.ohhappybear.com which is in Thai, but recently decided to streamline and consolidate them into just one English-dominated blog here at http://www.ohhappybear.com.

From posting merely about the food my husband and I enjoyed, I started to garner other stories based on our trips. We do quite a bit of travelling in which we spend a lot of time talking to people. So, there should be something new to read when I am not accupied with my day-time job. Thank you for reading.

If you like what we do and want to see what we are up to, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel for we plan to do more video contents in the future. I also post a lot of photos on my @ohhappybear Instagram, excerpts of stories on my Facebook and Twitter. Or for those wishing to email me, you can do so to ohhappybear@gmail.com.

Hope you’d enjoy my blog.


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